Is Your dog 5 months & older?

Are you having issues with:

  • Your dog not listening
  • Being distracted
  • Cant or wont sit & drop
  • Wont sit still
  • Pulls on leash
  • Wont come back
  • Wont stay on its bed
  • Your dog disliking its crate
  • Struggle with all forms of basic manners & obedience
  • Or maybe you want to learn basic manners & obedience with your young dog!

Then this course is for you & your dog!

  • Aggression
  • Severe anxiety or nervousness
  • EXESSIVE barking
  • YOU are feeling EXTREAMLY overwhelmed, even with the basics

If you are having these problems you will be more suited to Private Lessons, Home Visits or Board & Train.

Still unsure if this is the right class for you? CONTACT US. 

Location & Time

6pm - 7pm Gosnells

Suitable for dogs 5 months & older!

There is no need for the next class term to begin. Rather than fixed class terms, we run our classes all year round! (With the exception of holiday periods)

This means you can join in on as many classes as you need or when you want. If you cant make a week or two, its okay, as we will still be here when you return

We understand everyone may not be able to commit to every week due to work rosters, family, personal matters etc.. So we have made it flexible for you!


$45 - Online Pre Theory 

$30 - Per Practical Class (Pay As You Go)

$150 - Starter Kit Including:

  • 4 x Lessons
  • Clicker
  • Slip Leash
  • Treat Pouch                                                   

What Will We Learn?

Practical Topics

  • Leash Manners

  • Place Training

  • Sit & Drop

  • "Stay" / Impulse Control

  • Recall Foundations

  • Crate Training

Compulsory Online Pre Theory

What Will I Learn

During Online Theory?

Topics Terminology
Dog Body Language Understanding visual signals displayed by your dog
Etiquette Correct & Respectfull Dog Interactions
Food Drive & Rewards How To CORRECTLY Use Food To Your Advantage
Food Luring How To Show Your Dog What You Would Like Them To Do
Marker Training How To Effectively Communicate With Your Dog
Triangle Of Needs Understanding Your Dogs Priorities In All Senarios 
-R How To Use Your Leash Correctly
Building Toy Drive & Rewards How To Enage Your Dog With Toy Play

You will be able to download all the theory information from the online course!

Then sit the assessment which is done in the form of a multiple choice quiz in 3 sections!

This is all accessible on your mobile, tablet or laptop!

Wondering Why...

Completing Pre-Entry Theory Is Important?

Knowing why a dog behaves a certain way & the behavioural theory behind any action a dog may make, will help YOU to train your dog better.

Without understanding dog behaviour & theory you may struggle to grasp physical concepts, practices & become confused when told the solution or steps to train your dog.

By completing the online theory, it will give YOU  a high level of knowledge & understanding. Setting you up for success with the Practical Classes.

Which no other group class in Perth provides.

It also helps out your class mates!

Understand the theory component of dog training BEFORE coming to Practical Classes also helps to keep the ball rolling.

With new dogs & owners entering into the class at any time, it would be unfair on existing class mates to not do theory beforehand.

So, by completing & understand theory prior to attending class, everyone enters in with the same amount of knowledge. Minimising repeating topics & impeding the classes every time we gain a new member.

Of course, don't be afraid to still ask questions during class! We want you to learn & succeed, while keeping the class running smoothly as possible.