We take great pride in cultivating pet & sport dogs who are not only cooperative with their owners but also eager & enthusiastic to train alongside you. Ultimately fostering a more gratifying life for both owner and dog. We aim to strike a delicate balance between freedom and control. 

We take immense pride in nurturing enthusiastic owners and empowering them with effective skills for a harmonious life with their dog.

We appreciate like-minded owners who share our dedication and commitment to their dogs' training and happiness. Who mirror our dedication, working diligently alongside us to ensure their dogs receive the finest training while still maintaining an enthusiastic attitude from the dog.

Pet & Companion Dogs

We frequently & successfully help pet owners to transform a range of problem behaviours & reach their desired training goals. 

Is your dog is a leash-pulling enthusiast, prone to off-leash wanderlust, command-selective, reactive toward other dogs, or easily distracted, we have effective, tailored solutions to address these challenges and enhance obedience and focus. 

Sport Dogs

We are enthusiastic and take pleasure in imparting our expertise & instructing those who are passionate to get involved in the dog sport of IGP & Mondioring. Whether the owner & dog wish to get involved just for fun & fulfilment or to compete in the sport with dedication

We personally derive immense satisfaction from being involved with & witnessing exceptional working dogs excel in their respective fields & are equally captivated by high-performing working dogs in action.


My career began in a veterinary clinic, where I worked as a nurse and gained valuable insights into the health and well-being of our beloved pets. My passion for dog training, combined with my strong foundation in veterinary nursing, makes me the ideal trainer for your canine companion. This background has shaped my approach to dog training, ensuring that your four-legged family member receives not only effective training but also the utmost care.

 One of my unique strengths as a dog trainer is my expertise in medical handling. My background as a veterinary nurse equips me with the knowledge and skills to teach dogs to be comfortable and cooperative during medical procedures. This is a crucial aspect of dog training that often gets overlooked. This not only reduces stress for your dog but also makes it safer and less stressful for veterinary professionals to provide the care your pet needs.

My dedication to canine well-being extends to my keen interest in canine conditioning. This practice promotes your dog's physical fitness, agility, and overall health, ensuring they lead a balanced life.

My primary focus is on sharing my expertise with pet owners like you. I specialize in instilling basic obedience in dogs and puppies! Plus, I consistently achieve remarkable results in transforming an array of behavioral challenges. Whether your dog struggles with leash pulling, reactivity, and aggression issues, lacks focus, becomes easily distracted, has recall issues, or any other behavioral concern, I am well-equipped to assist.

Beyond my role as a pet trainer, I am a fervent enthusiast of dog sports. I participated passionately with my beloved German Shepherd, Ronon (may he rest in peace), in various competitions, including IGP, where I proudly attained the BH certification and made a bold attempt at IGP1. Additionally, I've participated in Mondioring (OBJ1), a challenging discipline that was judged by none other than Dave Kroyer.

 Today, I continue my pursuit of excellence by instructing dog sports alongside my partner, Brendan. Together, we strive to share our passion and knowledge, igniting the same spark in dog enthusiasts like you.

 I offer a diverse array of training services tailored to your dog's unique needs. Whether you seek one-on-one Private Lessons, the convenience of Home Visits, the immersive experience of Board & Train, or the social dynamics of Group Classes, I am your trusted guide on the path to a well-trained and harmonious relationship with your furry family member.

Brendan Knijf

Our Training Methods

We employ Operant Conditioning Training Methods, a scientifically proven approach that works effectively for all dogs. This method enables us to tailor training specifically to you and your dog's needs without any restrictions. We have a wide array of training tools at our disposal, allowing us to create a personalized training plan.

With Operant Conditioning Training, we can make necessary adjustments in each phase of your dog's learning process. This means we can efficiently work towards achieving your training goals and addressing any issues you may be facing.