Private Lessons

This is where ALL the focus is on you, your dog & what you desire to work on! For those wanting to address specific issues, achieve a higher level of training or get on top of your dogs behavioral issues. Come out to our NOR locations & lets get to work!

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Private Lesson Info & Pricing - 2023-24.pdf


Board & Train

Unlock Your Dog's Full Potential With Our Board & Train Service!

Our experienced trainers will take your dog under their wing, offering a tailored program that addresses your pet's unique needs and challenges. 

Our commitment extends beyond your dog alone; it encompasses your education as well. We teach you how to maintain and reinforce these new behaviors.

Whether your puppy or dog needs to learn obedience, overcome boisterous behaviors, or tackle issues like leash pulling, recall problems, reactivity, and aggression – we've got you covered. We even specialize in behavior modification and dog sports!

 This service is ideal for:

  • Pet owners feeling exhausted or overwhelmed by their dog's behavior challenges, seeking professional guidance.
  • Vacation-bound owners who want their dogs to receive top-notch training while they're away.
  • First-time puppy parents eager to kickstart their training journey on the right paw.

 Unlock a happier, more harmonious life with your cherished canine companion through our Board & Train program.

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Dog Sports

IGP (Schutzhund), Mondioring & Obedience

Are you eager to dive into the exhilarating world of dog sports? Whether you're a devoted pet owner looking for a fun way to bond with your canine companion or a passionate dog enthusiast with dreams of excelling in the field of dog sports, our comprehensive dog sport services are tailor-made for you!

At Motivate Dog Training, we are dedicated to helping individuals like you embark on this exciting journey. Our team of experienced trainers specializes in a range of dog sports, ensuring that we can meet the unique needs and goals of both newcomers and serious competitors alike.

Our dog sport offerings encompass a array of disciplines, including IGP (Schutzhund), Mondioring, and Obedience. Whether you're interested in IGP's rigorous training regimen, the dynamic challenges of Mondioring, or the precision of Obedience, we've got you covered.

We provide Private 1-1 coaching sessions that allow us to focus exclusively on you and your canine partner. This one-on-one attention ensures that every aspect of your training is tailored to your specific needs and aspirations, whether you're aiming to compete at the highest level or simply seeking an enjoyable pastime with your pet.

Group Classes For Intermediate Leveled Pet Obedience

Location Wookie Dogs Day Care Centre - Swan Valley
Time & Day 6.30-7.30pm Thursdays
Cost $45/person - Pay As You Go

What We Work On In Class
Recall - Next Steps
Impulse Control 
Sit, Drop & Place - Distance, Distractions & Duration
Leash Manners - With Distractions, Intermediate Handling Skills & Real World Scenario Set Ups
Toy Drive & Rewards
And Much More!

Suitable for:

  • Private lesson clients who have achieved a suitable level of control, obedience, have the confidence to work in a group environment & are wanting to push their training further around other people & controlled dogs in a safe environment.
  • People who have already done training with another suitable dog trainer, who uses similar methods & you would like to join our intermediates to gain some further improvements & skills?
  • Clients who have recently completed a Board & Train & want to upkeep your own handling skills & push yourself in our Intermediate Group Class

New To Training? Want To Work Your Way Up To Group Class? Take a look at our Private lessons! Lets start there & help you build up your skills & your dogs skills so you can come to group class in the future!!!

Please Note: New clients who have achieved a basic level of obedience from another suitable dog trainer who uses similar methods must do one Private Lesson with us beforehand

This is to ensure you understand all the basics my clients know, to fill in any gaps with differences in dog training & that we are on the same page

Home Visits

Exactly like Private Lessons but we come to you to address issues specifically occurring within home, that cannot be addressed outside of the home!

Home Visits are great for nervous dogs, severe aggression issues, puppies who are not fully vaccinated & any other issues you may be having at home.

Please Note - 

1. This service is only offered to clients who have issues that cannot be addressed anywhere else but within the home.  If your dogs issues are not specific to the home, you would be more suited to Private Lessons 

2. We also have a specific NOR zone for this service. To find out if you are within the zone, please view the PDF link below!

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Home Visit Information & Pricing